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Reclaiming Packaged Bank Accounts Fees FAQ

We have listed below the most commonly asked questions about claiming back for missold packaged bank accounts.

What if I have used some of the extras?

 Although you may have used the extras you can still claim. The point is whether it was missold when you started the account and that the bank fulfilled their obligations to check during the course of the account that the benefits were still suitable. There has been great success in claiming back the fees even with benefits being used.

I have already tried to get my money back from the bank and they said No

This is the initial response that the banks give when approached independently. This response is not an issue to our experts and you will still be able to claim as long as the final response was within the the last six months.

The account is closed and I cannot remember the details

As long as the account was closed within the last six years then our experts will be able to find out the account details for you.

I'm not sure if I have been missold

Our experts in this field we will be able to establish if you have been missold.

I have a joint bank account but only wish to claim for myself

Yes you can still claim and you will receive 50% of any award

Will my account number change and will I lose my overdraft

No your account number and sort code will remain the same along with any overdraft facility. What will change is that you will no longer have access to the 'extras'. However you will no longer be paying a monthly fee to have access to them.

Can I claim myself
You are under no obligation to complete a claim using our services. You can refer your complaint to The Financial Ombudsman Service, whose services are completely free of charge, alternatively you could choose to use your own legal representative.

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