Financial Claims Helpline

Payday Loan MISSELLING Claim

Did you get a short term loan that you couldn't afford to repay as the lender didn't check your finances properly, or kept trying to sell you it again and again? 

If so, you may be able to reclaim £100s or even £1,000s

History of The Claim

After an investigation the FCA found that most Payday lenders were not treating their customers fairly and not adhering to the rules set out when lending.  This amounts to mis-selling of the loan.

How much is my claim worth

The FCA believe that as you had use of the principal sum lent then you cannot claim that back but you can claim any interest and charges that you may have paid and that any negative entry relating to the loan on your credit record can be removed

  • Loan Interest
  • Charges
  • Negative Credit Record Entry Removal. 

How can I Claim

Financial Claims Helpline will be able to start a claim for you to recover the charges and interest that you paid on your payday loan. We will also instruct the lender to remove any negative entries that they placed on your credit record