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Reclaim Your Packaged
Bank Account Monthly Fees

If you currently pay or used to pay a monthly fee for your bank account, then you may be able to reclaim your fees back. It has been found that most of these types of accounts were missold with people ending up with added insurance products that they could not use and you may be able to reclaim thousands in fees which you have paid.

How to Reclaim Your Packaged Bank Account's Monthly Fees

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Identify if you have a packaged bank account. These types of accounts are where you pay a monthly fee and the account comes with certain types of insurance such as travel or mobile

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Find out if your account is eligible. Read the list of banks and their account types to see if your account is listed

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Confirm if you have been missold. Read through the list of reasons why an account may have been missold and if you can answer yes to any one then you will have been missold


Use the Packaged Bank Account Claim Calculator to work out how much your claim could be worth

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What is a Packaged Bank Account

These types of bank accounts also known as a PBA account are where you pay a monthly fee for use of your account and with this fee a number of "benefits" are bundled into the package. All banks offered these types of accounts and most notable in their aggressive selling techniques were Lloyds, NatWest, RBS and Barclays.

The benefits bundle might include:

  Travel Insurance
  Mobile Phone Insurance
  Vehicle Breakdown Cover

Banks have been found to have consistently missold these types of accounts.

Is My Account Eligible

the account must be held at one of the following banks:

  • Barclays
  • Natwest
  • RBS
  • Lloyds
  • TSB

Browse the list of affected accounts by bank and account type name

Affected Bank Accounts

Have I Been Missold a Packaged Bank Account

I was informed I needed it to get another product

Often customers were informed that they need to sign-up to a packaged bank account to get a mortgage,loan or other bank product and if they didn't then their other application would be declined. This is out and out misselling.

The salesperson mislead you into taking out the account

You were informed it was a privilege to get this type of account but it was not fully explained to you.
The salesperson would not take no for an answer.
You were informed that you would be eligible to claim when you were not.
You were informed that you would get large discounts on other insurance products if you took a packaged bank account.
You were not informed of the full cost.

You already had insurance cover

If you had household insurance then you were already covered for your mobile phone.
You should have been made aware that you already had cover in this instance.

They increased the account fee without telling you

You need to be told of an increase of the fee before it happens yet many bank just went ahead and did it.

You were informed that having one would improve your credit score

This is out and out misselling as the product itself would not have improved your credit score only good financial management does.

Reclaimed Packaged Account Fees Example

Below is an example calculation of how much a claim may be worth.

Monthly Payment: £20
Years of having Account: 7
Interest: 8%

Claim Amount: £2167

claim amount is calculated as follows - your monthly payment multiplied by the number of years you have had the account with compound yearly interest added

Packaged Bank Account Claims Calculator

Use the Packaged Bank Account Claim Calculator to work out how much your claim could be worth. 

Claim Calculator

Claim FAQs

We have listed the most commonly asked questions about reclaiming your monthly fees from a missold packaged bank account.


Claiming Back Packaged Bank Account Fees

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